What is HoloFuel?

HoloFuel a value-stable cryptocurrency.

Value-stable means that one unit of HoloFuel always buys the median basket of hosting services available on the network. Consequently we expect the price of the Fuel to be more stable compared to others cryptocurrencies. Indeed price discovery should be driven up as developer adoption spreads and more valuable applications are built on the Holochain framework. We expect Fuel exchange rates to increase against others currencies when the perceived value of the Holo ecosystem grows.

Holofuel Design

An algorithm as been built in order to stabilize the hosting price, like explained above the hosting price will be value-stable and driven by a formula between HoloFuel price and internal price.
Holofuel price algorithm

On the contrary the HoloFuel price is expected to grow strongly at the begginning and then to slowly stabilize like a perfect currency after few months or years. In fact the dynamic supply of Fuel will help the stabilization of the price. Holofuel price prediction If you are interested the entire HoloFuel model specification is open source and publicly available at the Github repository so it's time to learn more about how Holofuel is designed and also go deeper inside the ecosystem and learn how Holo works.

Buy HoloFuel

HoloFuel could be a very interesting investment like Bitcoin was one ten years ago. Investing now is an awesome opportunity to participate in the early stage of the Holo project. Buy HoloFuel and don't forget to share this great chance with your friends.

Disclaimer: Investing in cryptocurrencies or any other asset is dangerous, you must be fully aware that you can lose all of your funds.